Earn value for your spare parts with SIGMA Surplus!

SIGMA Surplus knows your time and spare parts are valuable, and we want to make it easier for you to sell your surplus. We make selling your spare MRO parts easy with our simple and user-friendly programs. Don’t leave money on the table - take advantage of our buying programs today!

No matter what parts you’re selling, SIGMA’s buying programs work for and with you. Our dedicated team will save you time, earn money, and increase your storage space, all while taking care of you with our personal customer service.

Once you're ready to sell your spare parts, check out our seller's guide packed with tips and guidelines to help you maximize revenue and streamline the selling process.

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SIGMA Surplus offers three flexible programs designed to fit your needs. Whether you're looking to clear floor space ASAP, sell your parts in a contactless environment, or anything in between, we've built the program just for you.

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We'll ship, store, and market your parts for you. Earn revenue each quarter.
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Contactless, hands-off options with a quick turnaround. We'll handle the work.
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Fill up our crate with parts and get paid. Great for bulk or miscellaneous items.
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Trade in the spare MRO components you no longer need and get the parts you do.


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