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‌Automation,‌ ‌Electrical,‌ ‌and‌ ‌Industrial‌ ‌Parts‌

SIGMA Surplus, a division of SIGMA Equipment, makes it easy to buy and sell spare parts. We serve all manufacturing industries with our wide selection of PLC's , HMI's, VFDs, Servo Drives, Sensors and much more!

We help you minimize production lag when you need to replace a part to get you back up and running quickly. To get your parts fast, we offer overnight and international shipping options to fit your needs.

We are committed to building relationships through convenient transactions, and a guarantee in our work. For those parts that are inspected and tested, a 2-year warranty is applied, ensuring your parts are working properly.

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  • 2 Year Warranty
    on inspected and tested parts
  • Same Day Shipping
    available on orders before 2 PM CST
  • 4000+ Positive Reviews
    99.4% positive feedback from our buyers
  • Quality Customer Service
    Our team takes care of you

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