What is a surplus crate program?

SIGMA Surplus makes it easy to sell your surplus parts and components by utilizing our Crate Program. This program allows you to clear out large quantities of spare parts and earn revenue. We'll ship the crate to you - all you have to do is fill it.


SIGMA pays competitive rates for your used MRO components across a variety of industries and brands, from Allen-Bradley surplus to General Electric, Honeywell, Siemens, and other manufacturers. Whether you're looking to sell PLCs, VFDs, sensors, motors, or everything in between, SIGMA Surplus is here to help.

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How do I use the SIGMA Surplus Crate Program?

We've streamlined the process to make it easy as possible. Follow these four easy steps and sell your surplus fast.


1. Send a general description of the assets you want to sell and then request a crate from SIGMA Surplus.

2. Fill it up with your parts and coordinate with our Logistics department to schedule the removal of the crate.

3. We then receive the crate, inventory the items, and provide an offer.

4. You accept the offer and that’s it! 

How do I pack a surplus crate?

Packing a crate full of spare parts can be intimidating. We've created a video guide to help you efficiently and securely pack a SIGMA Surplus crate with all your automation components. Follow our tips to ensure all your parts arrive safely and earn you more revenue.

What spare parts can I sell?

SIGMA Surplus buys countless spare parts across the automation industries. Common items we purchase include:

HMI touchscreens and displays

Servo drives and amplifiers


Hot glue systems and components

PLC modules



Conveyor belts

Circuit boards

Pneumatic components

Control systems

Coders and printers

Flow meters


Recorders and plotters

Servo motors and controllers

DC motors and drives

Fans and blowers

Gearboxes and speed reducers

Tape heads and tapers

Power supplies


Motor starters

Push buttons

Getting started with SIGMA Surplus

SIGMA understands that your time and spare parts are valuable, and we want to make it easier for you to sell your surplus. We are dedicated to our customers and our processes will simplify buying and selling spare parts. Don’t let your potential profits sit idle, request a crate today! 

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