Reliable and Powered-Up Spare MRO Parts

SIGMA Surplus prepares automation components for your production utilizing high-end, state-of-the-art test benches built through a partnership with the University of Southern Indiana College of Science, Engineering, and Education. These benches are equipped to test a variety of automation parts in real-world conditions. Our trained technicians will power-up and test components like , PLCs, HMIs, VFDs, power supplies, and much more.

As part of our commitment to offering quality MRO spare parts, SIGMA Surplus employs a methodical process across a variety of applicable parts. We take the time to thoroughly inspect, power-up, and test select items in our inventory to ensure the quality of your purchased item exceeds your expectations.

We’re also proud to offer a two-year warranty on all tested components. We stand by our products and guarantee your satisfaction with each and every purchase.

Read on to discover how SIGMA Surplus sources only the best automation parts through a meticulous multi-step approach to inspection and testing.

Technician-tested products

SIGMA Surplus employs a team of specially-trained technicians with years of electrical experience. In addition to tested items, each and every part in our inventory is hand-inspected and processed by a trusted team member. We use a modern, multi-functional test bench capable of delivering a wide variety of voltages across the AC and DC current spectrum. No matter the part, our system is equipped to recreate real-world electrical conditions to ensure your product functions properly.

In addition to the testing process, SIGMA Surplus technicians examine and photograph each powered-up item for any physical defects or damage, which are included in our product descriptions.

The SIGMA Surplus testing process

We utilize a standard, reliable, and safe inspection process to power-up and test each applicable part in our inventory. Equipped with a shatter-proof hood, high-end cables, and a grounded bench, our testing area safely delivers your part’s required voltage to check basic functionality. After a part passes our quality control tests, it is marked with a SIGMA Surplus “tested” sticker and its online listing receives the branded SIGMA Surplus Two-Year Warranty Shield.

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